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Retaliation against the terrorists

14/11/2012 The time for empty slogans is over. It is time to ring an alarm to wake up the Egyptian people. Once this call is heard, Egyptians must take to the streets en masse to declare war against terrorism. We shall pay a high price if we do not destroy the international terrorist organizations acting...


What is the truth of the assassination attempt on Egypt’s interior minister?

16/9/2013 The cowardly attempt on the life of Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim brings us face to face with tough questions about our police force. Were the measures taken to protect the minister adequate, for example? We also have to ask ourselves if the dismantling of the State Security (now renamed the National Security) service, in...


No more obstruction to protest law… and our hearts go out to Camellia

29/10/2013 The opinions of those who clamor about protecting the “gains of the revolution” and who are thus dead set against any regulation of protests are clearly at odds with the terrible reality of our streets. Recently we saw maddening protests sweeping Al-Azhar University, in which the participants hurled insults at the army as well...


Interview with Dr. Aly El-Samman

by Amal Saleh for Al Yom 7 16/11/2013 “The Brotherhood is a gamble the U.S. lost. The fact that Washington drew back from using the term ‘coup’ affirms its commitment to maintain its relationship with Cairo. The strengthening of relations with Russia is an ‘urgent need’ and not against America.” Dr. Aly El-Samman Dr. Aly El-Samman, head...


Will the millions of June 30 take a stand on chaos?

24/12/2013 Hardly a day passes without rioters running wild in the streets and squares of Egypt, assaulting the security of universities, threatening police and state institutions, and shedding the blood of ordinary people, as in the incident involving a taxi driver in Mansoura who was slaughtered by extremists. The authorities have arrested four people in...


Defending our Christians in Libya

11/3/2014 In yet another unspeakable atrocity, Libyan extremists killed seven Egyptian Christians after kidnapping them from their homes in a Libyan village on February 23. This horrific crime impels me to reiterate that we need to do more to protect the church and the Christians in Egypt. We need to make absolutely sure that no...