Retaliation against the terrorists


The time for empty slogans is over. It is time to ring an alarm to wake up the Egyptian people. Once this call is heard, Egyptians must take to the streets en masse to declare war against terrorism. We shall pay a high price if we do not destroy the international terrorist organizations acting on our land that have received international and/or regional financing.

National security must regain its strength and its ability to gather information about terrorist cells. In particular, now that the police have undergone structural reforms. But we always must remember that police, without national security’s support, is a blind body that moves but cannot see.

We want to know about the state that provided financial support to terrorists that killed our sons in Rafah. We need to know the name of the murderers who must be punished at any cost, if possible, at the scene of the crime. We also want to know which countries have funded the Nasser City cells.

Allow me to tell you that if it is proven that a Muslim state, supposedly a brother state, has funded this terrorist activity, we must completely sever relations with this state, even if it appears that this state, assuming to be a “brother state”, has made available to us grants and loans for investment projects. Funding that comes from the murderers of our sons is illegitimate.

People of Egypt! At this particular point in our history, we must make the double faced coin of security and stability our absolute priority. In so doing, we must save the Egyptian economy from bankruptcy. To achieve stability and security we must arrest the jihadists who escaped from jail at the beginning of the revolution and infiltrated Gaza and the center of Sinai to train and obtain weapons that they are now using to commit terrorist acts in Sinai.

If we speak about the economy, we must understand that it is not the loan granted by Qatar or the International Monetary Fund that will save our economy from bankruptcy. The only way to save our economy is to get national production rolling again.

Once again, I call upon the wise minds of the nation and ask them to examine the possibility of reconciling our present and our future. It is essential that we avoid battles of retaliation. To move forward, we must reconcile with our past as soon as possible.

Translated from Al Ahram Hebdo 

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