Will the millions of June 30 take a stand on chaos?


Hardly a day passes without rioters running wild in the streets and squares of Egypt, assaulting the security of universities, threatening police and state institutions, and shedding the blood of ordinary people, as in the incident involving a taxi driver in Mansoura who was slaughtered by extremists.

The authorities have arrested four people in connection with the Mansoura murder. Now the family of the taxi driver, and the rest of the nation, want to see swift justice. The full force of the law should be brought upon those who commit such atrocities.

A national security officer, Capt. Ahmed Wahid, was also assassinated in Ismailia by criminal jihadists. The Security Directorate of Ismailia published photos of this heinous crime. Several months ago, criminals killed Lt. Osama Kamel, a Roads and Ports policemen, when he ordered their vehicle to stop at a security check in Qalyub.

Where do we go from here?

Millions of people in this country came out on June 30 to demand the end of a dark chapter in our history. Their action terminated months of oppression, injustice and abuse of the rights of citizens. This nation, I believe, is capable of doing it once more.

Our people can return to the battlefield and confront the thugs. We outnumber them, and we can protect our country from the terrorists who are holding us hostage. We don’t need 30 millions to defeat the terrorists, a million or two can do the job.

translated from Al Yom 7

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