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Interview with Dr Ali El-Samman 

by Rania Badawi for Al Masry Al Youm26/1/2014 Aly El-Samman: Qatar funds the bombings in Egypt with U.S. support Dr. Ali El=Samman, President of the International Union for Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Education (ADIC), said that Qatar is the main financier and supporter of terrorism in Egypt, adding that the recent wave of...


Roman Catholic Pope, Grand Imam and Grand Mufti confront Charlie Hebdo incident 

22/1/2015, Al Bawaba Pope Francis’ words reflected wisdom, mercy and forgiveness when he said that we must reconcile freedom of expression with freedom of belief. He explained the limits and conditions governing the use of these freedoms; the right to express oneself comes with the condition that one not humiliate another. Pope Francis added that...


Will the millions of June 30 take a stand on chaos?

24/12/2013 Hardly a day passes without rioters running wild in the streets and squares of Egypt, assaulting the security of universities, threatening police and state institutions, and shedding the blood of ordinary people, as in the incident involving a taxi driver in Mansoura who was slaughtered by extremists. The authorities have arrested four people in...