The first anniversary of the attack on a police station at Al-Arish


A year has passed since gunmen attacked a police station in El-Arish. Those criminals, who belong to Islamic extremist groups, abuse Islam and are an affront to the religion of peace and tolerance. In the early days of the January 25th Revolution, prisoners fled to Sinai after the attacks on police stations and jails throughout Egypt. As their numbers increased, so did the amount of sophisticated and deadly weapons they brought with them.

Conspirators in El Arish and Gaza (and possibly those in Israel who remain resentful that President Sadat forced them to return Sinai to Egypt) specifically struck state institutions to damage the country’s prestige. The goal of these conspirators is to remove the people of the Nile Valley from Sinai so as to turn the peninsula into an Islamic Caliphate.

For the fifteenth time since the January 25 Revolution, a gas pipeline used to carry gas through Sinai into Israel and Jordan was blown up. No one has been arrested; no one has been brought to trial.

translated from Al Akhbar

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