A tribute to those who liberated Tahrir Square 


It is now evident that those who participated in the irresponsible demonstrations over the past few days have nothing to do with defending Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). There is abundant proof that most of them were thugs and mercenaries paid to vandalize!

In a recent article, I appealed to the Minister of Interior, General Ahmed Gamal El Din to “liberate” Tahrir (Liberation) Square. Although he stated, when he assumed his ministerial duties, that it was possible to evacuate such places like Tahrir Square from criminals in few hours, he believed that a consensus of political movements should precede any such move.

The central security and police forces finally did confront the criminals around the U.S. embassy, so as to prevent Egypt from experiencing the tragedy that happened in Libya, namely the killing in Benghazi on September 11 of U.S. Ambassador Stevens, a man who was one of the first supporters of the Libyan revolution and whose reputation and experience were greatly respected by most of the Arab countries in which he served as Ambassador. Thus, Egypt’s State Security proved that Egypt is not, and will not, be like Libya.

On Saturday, September 15th, we were pleasantly surprised when the police and the Central security forces as well as the officers of the Cairo Governorate evacuated the street vendors from Tahrir who were depriving the shopkeepers adjacent to the square of their livelihoods. They also saved Tahrir Square from chaos, from a lack of law and order. So, once again the Minister of Interior General Ahmed Gamal El-Din and the Governor of Cairo Dr. Osama Kamal deserve our full appreciation.

translated from Al Ahram

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