The voice of the court is second to none


There is a campaign underway serving the political interests of a certain group, that is a retaliation against the Supreme Constitutional Court because of its decision to dissolve the People’s Assembly. This decision was rendered legally through reasoning respected by most jurists. As citizens, something that concerns us deeply about such politically-motivated conflicts are the demonstrations that erupt on our streets, some of them with people shouting slogans, carrying vulgar signs, disrespecting the judiciary, and demanding its purge. The mobs making these unfair accusations attack all state institutions, from the judiciary that is itself entitled to justice, to the armed forces and SCAF that protected the revolution and fulfilled its promise to hand over power to the one chosen by the people.

I can safely say that these voices do not represent the majority of Egyptians who, in their hearts, would like to see the armed forces keep their promise to protect them from criminals. Over the weekend I received many calls from friends and acquaintances expressing satisfaction with Tantawi’s speech in which he said: “Egypt is for all Egyptians, and we will not allow it to be for a particular group”.

It is significant that Tantawi made this statement the same day he met with the US Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Clinton, against whom demonstrations were held in Abassaya, in front of the US Embassy, and in front of her hotel, expressing anger at American intervention in our internal affairs.

Translated from Al Akhbar

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