Coalition determined to strike ISIS

The coalition of the US, France, and the UK is determined to strike at ISIS forces on the Syrian borders, as well as at the oil resources ISIS is using for income. It seems that this time the coalition forces have the will to deal ferocious and painful blows to ISIS in order to protect the coalition nations and neighbors.

This time, these great western counties, as well as Russia, are keen to put into practice the moto, “to be or not to be…!” Nevertheless, there is still a question looming about the invitation of Turkey to partake in this struggle against ISIS despite existing suspicions that Turkey had cooperated with ISIS to some degree.

It is possible that the Americans are the ones seeking Turkish involvement, for the US is known to have sided with Turkey even when the latter acted with hostility toward Egypt out of support to its allies in the Muslim Brotherhood. But now, there is a strong probability that France, England and Russia will work to block the Turkish role.

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