At last the West admitted we are right

For more than a year now, many western nations claimed that Mohamed Morsy was ousted by a military coup. This campaign was spearheaded by Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. The Republican candidate for the US presidential elections, Donald Trump, was undoubtedly right, severely attacking Ms. Clinton in his speech last week in Ohio. He placed the responsibility on Ms. Clinton for protecting the Muslim Brotherhood during Morsy’s ruling, thus causing riots, unrest and chaos.

How is it that the Americans and some western countries could ignore the thirty million Egyptians who took to the streets, demanding the ouster of President Morsy? Apparently, to them, this massive turnout was not a legitimate reason to change the regime. Morsy and his followers were constantly insulting the army, police and members of the judiciary.

Some western countries justified their support of the Muslim Brotherhood by claiming they were the only organized and reliable group. After a referendum and free elections, by the will of the people, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was elected president. Western countries then cast doubt on the democratic nature of the elections, simply because the elected president had a military background.

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