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After the Death of Dr. Adel Amer

19/4/1990, Sabah El Kheir Dr. Adel Amer, the illustrious Egyptian, disappeared amid general indifference and without any notice in the media. But if Dr. Adel Amer had been a barely known football player, or an obscure artist, the news of his death would have been widely publicized in all the newspapers. Four medals awarded to...


After Assad, what then? 

8-9-2012 The Syrian revolution and Al Assad’s potential fall is part of the same scenario that was repeated in many Arab countries, which the West romanticizes and idealizes by calling the “Arab Spring”. Months passed and regimes fell, but in most Arab countries, Libya in particular, the results have been regional and sectarian divisions, conflicts,...


Interview with Dr. Aly El-Samman 

by Abd Elhady Abbas for Al Akhbar11/10/2013 “I support the presidential candidacy of Gen. Sisi because it is a popular demand. To those who reject the army I say, please read our history carefully!” Dr. Ali El-Samman Q. To what extent is security and stability necessary for economic growth in this coming period? A. This is...


What will the referendum’s victory mean?

14/1/2014 The resounding “yes” with which Egypt will endorse the new constitution is going to reverberate across those Arab countries which stood by our side and supported our June 30 Revolution. In defiance of external pressures countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman have offered us economic, political and media support....


Large and medium-sized countries… and their policies

8/3/2014 Fifty years ago, France and Germany took a big step. In 1963, French President Charles de Gaulle and Germany’s first post-WWII Chancellor Konrad Adenauer signed a historic agreement. Known alternatively as the Élysée Treaty or the Treaty of Friendship, this agreement set the pace for a crucial partnership that remains solid to this day....


We need a Parliament that respects the rules of the game 

3/3/2016, Al Bawaba There was a disgraceful clash between the two Egyptian Parliament members, Kamal Ahmed, and Tawfik Okasha. We saw the former threatening the latter and shaking his shoe at him, an image that is extremely inappropriate and one that conveys a very damaging image of our Parliament. This, we must recall, is the Parliament...