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A tribute to the writers of the constitution: “You led the way with remarkable honesty”

11/12/2013 When performing a public task of national dimensions, there is no way to satisfy all parties or handle it perfectly. Nevertheless, Mr. Amr Moussa, chairman of Egypt’s 50-member panel tasked with amending the Islamist-drafted constitution, stayed impartial throughout his moderation of the sessions, and was able to walk the thin line between diplomacy and...


What will the referendum’s victory mean?

14/1/2014 The resounding “yes” with which Egypt will endorse the new constitution is going to reverberate across those Arab countries which stood by our side and supported our June 30 Revolution. In defiance of external pressures countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman have offered us economic, political and media support....