Practical proposals from the Governor of Cairo


Cairo governor Dr. Abd El Kawi Khalifa has put forth proposals to achieve two important goals, keeping Cairo clean and motivating young people. The first goal, to keep our capital clean, would be addressed by imposing fines of up to four thousand Egyptian pounds on those who litter in the streets. And if a driver litters, regardless of the type of vehicle, his fine would be required before receiving his yearly license renewal.

To achieve his second goal, directing the energy of young people into productive activities, Dr. Khalifa suggested cooperation among the Revolutionary Youth Coalition, local cleaning companies, and the Cairo Cleaning and Beautification Agency. The governor promised to provide the young people with the necessary resources and tools. According to my understanding, the word “resources” meant, in part, some financial compensation. Nevertheless, I suspect many of the young people in question would prefer leadership roles in Tahrir Square.

translated from Al Akhbar

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