Association for Economic Information Europe-Egypt

Founded by Dr. El-Samman in 1984, the Association for Economic Information Europe-Egypt was a Swiss non-profit dedicated to improving the transparency and quality of information concerning the Egyptian Government’s national development projects. Under Dr. El-Samman’s leadership, objectives also included publicizing Egyptian projects made possible with European funding through large-scale endeavors such as the Industry Modernization Program.

In different forms over the years, the information that Europe-Egypt publishes was used as background information for national debt refinancing; at international economic development conferences; for door-knock missions overseas; and locally to inform visiting delegations of politicians, diplomats, investors and reporters.

Through its mission of providing accurate and timely information about local development opportunities and achievements, the Association for Economic Information Europe-Egypt was proudly committed to making a positive contribution to Egypt’s economic development. 


  • Achievements in Infrastructure Projects Volumes 1-3 (1986)
  • Egypt’s New Communities Tenth of Ramadan and Sixth of October (1992)                                
  • Salam Canal (1999)
  • TechnoEgypt (2000)
  • Navigating Youth towards an E-Future (2000)
  • e-vision.egypt (2003)
  • Toshka (2003)
  • Egypt: A New Era of Growth (2005)
  • Egypt: A Rising Star in Global ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2010)

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