Who does Hazem Abu Ismail think he is?


Yet another topic that has intensified public anger is seeing Hazem Abu Ismail’s supporters attacking Egypt’s Media Production City and terrorizing members of the media who oppose the regime.

Who is Hazem Abu Ismail to allow himself and his supporters to attack the headquarters and the newspaper offices of al-Wafd Party?

Who is Hazem Abu Ismail to threaten to cut off the hand of Wael Ibrashi, Egyptian television presenter and Editor-in-Chief of Sawt Al-Umma?

If we want to restore the State’s prestige, our legislators, our interior minister, and all ordinary citizens must work together to find a way to stop Hazem Abu Ismail and his nonsense. On another front, we can celebrate a victory for the freedom of expression and the state of law.

I salute the judges who condemned and sentenced the extremist Abdullah Badr for his outrageous defamation of actress Elham Shaheen. Through legal avenues she is successfully combating such affronts to the dignity of citizens and artists.

translated from Al Ahram

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