Pope Shenouda III


We will never forget Pope Shenouda III. We will never forget his quiet words, his unerring advice to the Copts of Egypt in difficult times of sectarian strife, times when violent clashes threatened our national unity.

During Pope Shenouda’s illness, sectarian clashes broke out in October 2010 and there were heightened tensions between Muslims and Christians. Father Anba Ermia, general bishop and Pope Shenouda III’s secretary, suggested that I prepare a joint statement to be signed by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb; and Pope Shenouda III.

As we were racing against time to complete this task, the only available opportunity for Pope Shenouda III to sign was eight in the morning before going to a dialysis session. When I entered, he told me that although he was struggling with his pain: “I prayed for you and for all your good deeds.”

I then hurried to the Grand Imam’s house. He signed the joint statement in his turn and the statement was published that day. It was October 6, a day for celebrating victory.

translated from Al-Akhbar

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