No place in our country for Palestinian aggressors


Egyptians tend to jumble the papers when they examine the Palestinian file, so we must take care to distinguish between the Palestinian cause and certain Palestinians individuals.

No one can deny the major role that Egypt has played in supporting the Palestinian struggle for justice and equality. For more than 64 years, Egypt made great efforts and sacrifices including going to war. As for the Palestinian people, like all others they vary in type and conviction, and there is no doubt that some adopted extremist religious positions and chose the path of terrorism.

We Egyptians will not forgive those Palestinians who killed our soldiers in Rafah during Ramadan last year, nor will we forgive the Palestinian Authority in

Gaza for refusing to extradite the attackers after they escaped back into Gaza through the Sinai tunnels. We will not forgive the Palestinians who attacked jails and police stations at the beginning of the January 25 Revolution, allowing criminals and terrorists to flee to Sinai to form terrorist cells.

I would like to address our Palestinian brothers in general. Please reflect on the generous nature of the Egyptians who have struggled throughout history for the liberation of Arab countries from Algeria to Eden, and of the Egyptian soldiers who sacrificed their lives defending the Palestinian people in particular. Then consider this: when their country and their dignity are attacked, these same generous Egyptians will respond accordingly.

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