No Fear when Combating Terrorism


What solution is there for confronting the tactics of terrorism? We must be honest with ourselves and admit that we need both public consent and state support. We must enthusiastically back the upholding of strict laws. We cannot allow fear or hesitation to stand in the way.

In the same way, we must honor public opinion, without compromising our right to protect ourselves against criminal acts and terrorism. No law is gospel. Laws can be changed when needed to make a strong stand against terrorism.

Terrorism is a declared war. Extremely sophisticated and deadly weapons are now being used, and therefore police and army forces have to confront terrorists at least equally as well equipped. Proper equipment will ensure not only self defense, but also the ability to attack with an aim to kill if necessary.

It is particularly important that the police have the capacity to do their job fully. Homeland Security, formerly known as State Security Investigations Service (SSIS), should become the absolute priority. Without this role fully played, police will be rendered blind and deaf, lacking the ability to track and record.

Today I am optimistic when I speak of national security because of the appointment of Major General Magdy Abdel Ghafar as interior minister. His professional career has given him a profound knowledge of national security issues, indispensable at a time when we must focus on enhancing our security capabilities and supporting our police.

translated from Al Masry Al Yom

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