Giza: past, present, and hope for future


National project for housing

The Giza Governorate is implementing a three phase housing project in the city of 6th of October to build 11,940 housing units on 199 acres of land. Phase one is complete and of phase two, 85% of it will be delivered in 2 months. This project brings renewed hope for young people, keeping them from falling into despair, or turning to extremism.

Elimination and rehabilitation of slums

The strategy for the rehabilitation of slums in the Giza Governorate focuses on the unsafe areas where crime and violence are rampant. The development plan will also extend to regions that many have not heard of, such as Eshash Sikka Hadid in Dokki; Harb Manor in Bulaq Dakrur; Sen El Agouz in the Pyramids area; and Ard Aziz Ezzat in Imbaba. When these slums are replaced by humanitarian housing we should consider it a huge achievement.

translated from Al-Akhbar

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