Economy, investment, tourism and employment


We have been desperately waiting for the economy to become the absolute priority to this country, for we cannot allow the stagnation to go on any longer. To stimulate investment at home and abroad, we need to reassure the investors of the constancy of the tax laws and regulations, and we need to restore security and stability.

Investment, security and stability are essential for the revival of tourism, one of our main sources of income. I hope that President Morsy will ensure that religion is not used in such a way that it becomes a “scarecrow” that keeps tourists away. Foreign tourists must be allowed to visit Egypt freely, without having to change their culture or customs. The Muslims and Copts of Egypt should also be free to follow their own religious rituals without imposing them on others. This is the only way to protect our livelihood and reduce the unemployment that threatens our future.

translated from Al-Akhbar

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