Army and police… an outstanding performance


America and Europe, having promoted the myth of “Arab Spring”, appear to be intent on breaking up Arab countries. This can be seen in Libya and Tunisia, and even more so in Syria. The Arab countries do not seem to be able to fend off this threat, basically because their armies lack unity and purpose. Only in Egypt was the army disciplined and patriotic enough to protect the country from foreign schemes.

The performance of the police and the National Security Service (NSS) – the investigation services that replaced the State Security Service – has been nothing short of outstanding.

The NSS is diligently gathering information about terrorist schemes throughout the country. Since the dispersal of the terror-infested sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda squares, the police have been valiantly protecting Egyptians. Thanks to their efforts, Muslim Brotherhood leaders suspected of masterminding terrorist acts are all now in prison.

The police have successfully deployed in Kerdasa, the site of a particularly heinous attack on a police station, and continue to protect our citizens across the country.

Translated from Al Yom 7

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