Ahmad Zewail and idol worship


People tend to worship celebrities and turn them into idols, especially if they hold high level honors like the Nobel Prize. Nevertheless, Ahmed Zewail’s ranking as a world-class scientist does not stop me from asking him two direct questions:

First, after seizing the Nile University (NU) buildings for your “Zewail Science and Technology City”, why are you intent upon dismantling their past achievements? And why do you plan to disband the Board of Trustees, especially considering that it is headed by Akil Bashir, a man known for his experience and honesty? Is the goal to have everything in the future carrying only your name, a reflection of our pharaonic traditions..?!

Tantawi was right when he decided that the parliament should have the authority to develop the new law governing the Nile University. It is likely that this decision will take effect after the presidential election.

And for the sake of transparency, my second question is this: Is it true that when you returned to Egypt you asked the government to grant you a house under the pretext that you cannot afford one on your own? And after they gave you a house, you stated that you could not afford to furnish it, so the American University in Cairo provided you with the furniture?

And is it also true that after all of that you chose to live, like the wealthiest people in Egypt, in the Four Seasons Hotel..?!

translated from Al-Akhbar

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